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Gros Morne National Park Management Plan

Parks Canada is required to prepare a management plan for each National Park in consultation with community stakeholders and partners. This plan describes the agency's accountability to Canadians and outlines how they will achieve measurable results in protecting and preserving these natural and historic places for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations. Friends of Bonne Bay is actively monitoring and providing advice into the GMNP's new management plan. .  


Protecting Our Beautiful Bay

Various groups and community members in the region are mobilizing to protect their valued marine environment and resources. The Friends of Bonne Bay, along with supporting groups such as C-PAWS and Memorial University's Centre for Social Enterprise, will work towards marine protection by increasing community engagement, and by establishing measurable project outcomes which promote protection and conservation management of marine habitat.


Glenburnie Drydock Proposal

Friends of Bonne Bay stands against the proposed commercial development of a drydock on the Glenburnie Beach. Within a few dozen meters of this beach is important whale and dolphin feeding grounds. This development would damage coastal marine habitats, add more industrial debris to the bay and seriously impact the worth of homes in the community.

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