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Atlantic Canadians recognize the importance of oceans to local economies and support marine protection, according to recent poll

Oceans North is a nonprofit organization that fosters science- and community-based conservation in the Arctic regions of Canada and Greenland. It’s goal is to promote policies and programs that address the unprecedented environmental changes taking place in the North and ensure that its waters are protected within the framework of Inuit knowledge, rights and consultation.

Oceans North together with partners in Atlantic Canada, was interested in better understanding how Atlantic Canadians (i.e., residents of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Prince Edward Island) perceive the state of the oceans. To do so, Oceans North was interested in undertaking quantitative research to understand how residents perceive matters on such topics as:

• Fisheries management;

• Protected areas;

• North Atlantic right whale conservation measures; and

• Plastics in the oceans.


Narrative Research was commissioned to undertake a random telephone survey with 1500 Atlantic Canadians in summer 2019, including 400 surveys in each of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador and 300 surveys in Prince Edward Island. To ensure the final sample was representative of the region’s population, quotas were set by province, age and gender, and the final data weighted.


Their report provides a detailed analysis of results. Appended to the report are data tables which provide results for each survey question across key demographics. Table numbers are referenced throughout the report.

Read and download the full report here -

Nl Department of Fisheries and Oceans Species Quota Report

The fishery management area for this region is 4R, which is from Cape Ray (south) to Cape Bauld (North), and depending on which species harvested, could also be broken down into management area 13, or 14 (Bonne Bay is included in Area 14). Fishing management area maps can be found on the DFO website. Due to privacy regulations, DFO cannot provide specific catch information for Bonne Bay.

The DFO NL Species Quota Report (line below) meets the Privacy Act conditions for release. These statistics were provided by Mr.Frank Breen, DFO Area Statistical Coordinator – Southern and Western Regions. 


You will notice many instances of quotas being over-harvested, sometimes through by-catch, and other times, presumably, through increased fishing effort. There are also instances of catches recorded being less than the quota... again it could be from reduced effort or lack of fish in the area.

Here is the link for the full report -

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