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Help protect Bonne Bay, its waters, landscapes and communities, for present and future generations.

Who We Are
  • Full-time and Part-time Residents of the communities around Bonne Bay

  • Non-residents who support the aims of Friends of Bonne Bay

  • Business groups and other organizations interested in protecting Bonne Bay

What We Do

Friends of Bonne Bay work to preserve and maintain Bonne Bay's natural and cultural environment for present and future generations.

About the Bay

Bonne Bay has been home for millennia to a wide range of marine and terrestrial life.  People have been in the area for some 4500 years. Though its waters are not part of Gros Morne National Park, Bonne Bay and its communities lie at the heart of this World Heritage Site.

Get Involved

As a Friend of Bonne Bay you have a voice and input into issues affecting the area.  Residents and non-residents can join.

The State of Bonne Bay Report


August 8, 2022

Dear Friends of Bonne Bay.

The Board of Directors of the Friends of Bonne Bay are happy to announce that we have completed a major piece of work related to the environment of Bonne Bay.

Early in 2021 the Board applied for a research grant from the Centre for Social Enterprise, Memorial University and MITACS (Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems) to support a research project. The project was designed to assess the "state of the environment" of Bonne Bay, to determine the extent to which its marine ecosystem is resilient and healthy, and to identify what changes have occurred in recent decades to its physical, biological, and ecological components. Subsequently, we hired a graduate student at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, Ms. Hadiya Bamragha, to prepare a draft report. This draft was completed and following revisions by the Board, we have produced a final draft of the report.

The Board members of FOBB feel that this project report, “The State of Bonne Bay - 2022”, will assist local communities and residents understand the complex issues related to maintaining a resilient and healthy Bonne Bay, and lead the way to research in the future. We trust that the members of the Friends of Bonne Bay, and all other interested parties will read, share and discuss the findings of this extensive report, and that it will be a catalyst for further work related to the well-being of Bonne Bay.

The State of Bonne Bay report can be downloaded here.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns related to this report and work of Friends of Bonne Bay, please feel free to contact us at:

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Board of Directors, FOBB
Tony Berger, Joanie Cranston, Carol Harris, Anne Marceau, Hugh McCormack, Alison Normore, Greg Wood

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